Use of Was/ Were in sentences

•Was/Were का प्रयोग हम उन वाक्यों में करते हैं जिनके अंत में था/थी/थे में से कोई एक शब्द आ जाए लेकिन उन में Verb नहीं होनी चाहिए/


•वह एक विधार्थी था/ -Was

•तुम एक ईमानदार थे/ -Were

•वह मेरी सहेली थी/ -Was

Was/Were Rule

•Simple= Subject + Was/Were + Object. (साधारण)

•Negative= Subject + Was/Were + Not + Object. (नहीं)

•Interrogative= Was/Were + Subject + Object? (क्या)

•Interrogative Negative= Was/Were + Subject + Not + Object? (क्या+नहीं)

Use of Was/Were

•Was = I, He, She, It, This, That, Singular Noun के साथ

•Were = You, We, They, Plural Noun के साथ

•He was a good player.

•They were not our friends.

•Was he your friend?

•Were you not his friend?

Example sentences of was/were

  • The sky was blue.
  • The flowers were beautiful.
  • The water was cold.
  • The sun was shining.
  • The trees were tall.
  • The dress was red.
  • The shoes were black.
  • The car was fast.
  • The house was big.
  • The cat was cute.
  • The book was interesting.
  • The movie was funny.
  • The music was loud.
  • The food was delicious.
  • The drink was cold.
  • The sky was clear.
  • The flowers were fragrant.
  • The water was refreshing.
  • The sun was hot.
  • The trees were green.
  • The dress was beautiful.
  • The shoes were comfortable.
  • The car was expensive.
  • The house was old.
  • The cat was playful.
  • The book was exciting.
  • The movie was scary.
  • The music was soothing.
  • The food was spicy.
  • The drink was sweet

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